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Release date:
March 25, 2011
Anay, Mohit Ghai, Kurush Deboo

Dear Jaideep Sahni, I will never again take potshots at your Dum Maaro Dum lyrics about potties and “nanga” people. How could I, after “Aish kar aish kar aish kar, Jawaani ko tu cash kar” in Happy Husbands?

Dear Farrelly Brothers, I take back my harsh words about Hall Pass. The glam girl spewing diarrheoa on a bathroom wall in HP is no grosser than the leering men and bendy, cleavage-ridden women in Happy Husbands, a film that tries to make pretty much the same point as you did: that men may talk a lot about wanting to sow their wild oats, but when it comes to the crunch they will take their oats right back home to their wives. I swear, Messrs Farrelly, I’d rather watch your hero’s buddy shitting on a golf course than read the tagline of Happy Husbands: “there is no life without wife.” At least your film starred Owen Wilson! Happy Husbands stars a chappie called Anay who has also directed the film, clearly thinks he’s Mr Universe, has one song in which he tells us “I’m a killer” and gifts himself a couple of dances in which he gets to groove with (waah re kismet!) groups of white women!

Quick word on the story of Happy Husbands. It’s about a men’s club where the aforesaid Anay (who’s called Jaiveer in the film) counsels men to have affairs in a bid to stabilise their marriages. Mohit and Champu are his chelas. And of course in the end, everyone realises that fantasizing about having an affair is all very well, but the truth is – hold your breath for this one – “there is no life without wife”!

On the journey to this conclusion we get the following:
·    A hero who looks so much like the leading man in Impatient Vivek that they could play brothers in a film. Oh joy! (  
·    A conjugal squabble in which a man tells his wife: Tamatar toh bahut badee cheez hai. Main kabhi kabhi matar ka bada matter bana deta hoon.
·    Wives who wear so much make-up at home that they’d put the ladies in our reigning Hindi soaps to shame
·    A woman called Komal Mazaakar who Mohit sees as an ideal candidate for an affair because: (a) she’s divorced (b) she’s got a rich ex doling out alimony which leads Mohit to believe that she wouldn’t want to pin him down to anything more than her bed, and (c) her surname is Mazaakar, meaning mazaa+kar, didn’t you get that stupids?!!!

If it weren’t for my New Year resolution to blog reviews of every single Hindi film released in 2011, I may not have bothered with Happy Husbands. But on second thoughts, I’ve just read an article in which director Anay has issued a threat to make a sequel to this film, so perhaps a review of Happy Husbands is an important social service that every critic must provide.

Rating (out of five): -10 stars

CBFC Rating (India):
Running time:
133 Minutes

If you do not believe me, here’s a trailer of Happy Husbands. Enjwoy!

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